Finally Friday Fukov
Hash House Harriers

Runs start at 19:30

April 16th, Run 876
Hare: Susukino Poodle
Station: Tabata / 田端
JR Yamanote and Keihin-Tohoku Lines (North Exit)

April 23rd, Run 877
Hare: Pull the Other One
Station: Takebashi / 竹橋
Tozai Line (Exit 3b)

April 30th, Run 878
Hare: Milts In Your Mouth
Station: TBA

May 7th, Run 879
Hare: Faceballs
Station: TBA

May 14th, Run 880
Hare: Khuming Rouge
Station: Tokiwadai / ときわ台
Venue: Minamitokiwadai Park / ときわ台南公園
Tobu Tojo Line (South Exit)
Theme: 280m walk from exit

July 23rd, Run 890
Hare: Thunderballs Are Go!
Station: TBA

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