Hash Hare Finally Friday Fukov
Hash House Harriers

(F3H3*, Tokyo)

This Hash runs once a week, starting near a train station in the central area of Tokyo. The trails are usually pre-laid, A to A, 7 to 8 km. The pack starts running at 19:30 (except perhaps on public holidays) so please arrive by 19:20 if possible. After the run we have a few beers and nosh, usually with a circle and down-downs. On-after parties are not always organised (hence the name "Fukov") but they sometimes happen.

Hash Cash (1,000 yen; possibly more for special events) covers the run, beer, something to munch with your beer, and down-downs. We usually have water and sports drink too. If you want to drink something else (e.g. if you don't drink alcohol) tell the hare when you arrive. If we find your request reasonable, it will be fulfilled. Rumours about the abolition of our "virgins free" policy are absolutely true.

From the station exit announced in the hareline below, follow the trail of arrows marked "F3H3" to the start. Please come prepared for outdoor drinking and snacking after the run. At least one hare or co-hare will stay at the start/finish during the run to take care of bags, etc. but hashers should make their valuables secure or carry them on trail.

Don't run in new running shoes. And it's a drinking club, so don't bring your children (aged 20+ to drink, aged 18+ to run).

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F3H3 Hareline:
Date Run Station Venue Hare(s) Notes
September 21st 742 Hibiya
Hibiya Park
Faceballs International Peace Day Run!
Hibiya, Chiyoda, and Mita Lines (Exit A10)
September 28th 743 Futakotamagawa
Hyogojima Park
Horny Hori Osaka  
Tokyu Den-en-toshi and Oimachi Lines (West Exit)
October 5th 744 Shirokanedai
  Door F**ker Japan Nash Hash Prelube Run!
Namboku and Mita Lines (Shirokanedai Crossing Exit)
October 12th 745 Nakai
  Khuming Rouge  
Seibu Shinjuku Line and Toei Oedo Line
October 19th 746 Kodemmacho
Jisshi Park
Horny Hori Osaka Nihonbashi Bettara Market Run! (日本橋べったら市ラン!)
Hibiya Line (Exit 5); also close to JR Shin-Nihombashi Station (Exit 8)
October 26th 747 TBA   Boning 747  
November 2nd 748 TBA   HARE NEEDED!  
November 9th 749 Nerimatakanodai
  Khuming Rouge  
Seibu Ikebukuro Line
November 16th 750 Roppongi
  Mismanagement Annual Beaujolais Nouveau Run! Hash Cash 1500 yen.
Hibiya Line (Exit 4A); Oedo Line (Exit 7)
November 23rd 751 TBA   Mismanagement Overnighter! Thanksgiving Day Run!
December 28th 756 Honancho
  Master Shafter Early Start: 2pm!
Marunouchi Line (Exit 1)
January 4th 757 Kinshicho
  Khuming Rouge  
Sobu, Chuo-Sobu and Hanzomon Lines (North Exit)

Questions? Suggestions? Wanna be a hare?
- write to: f3hash (at) gmail (dot) com
- 日本語メールもOKです

Old Sock: Flounder
Chichitetsu Surfer: Grand Master
Nada Johnny Tonight: Grand Mistress
Benjo Guchi: Joint Master
Furnass: Joint Master
Rock My Wienerschnitzel: Joint Master
Smoking My Churchill: Joint Master
Jesus Blue Balls: Trail Master
Kimochi E: Haberdasher
Ninshin Jiko: Haberdasher
Horny Hori Osaka: Hare Razor
Pull the Other One: Hare Razor
Xie Xie Poo Poo: Hash Cash
Little Oral Annie: Hash Cash
Grand Canyon: Hash Cash
Vagina Monitor: Hash Cash
Door F**ker: Koban Relations
Dead Wh**e F**ker: Webmasterbater

F3H3 Sign-up Sheet (pdf)
Train finders:
     English: Jorudan, Hyperdia
     Japanese: Jorudan, Hyperdia
     Full timetables (in Japanese): Ekikara

Weekly Kanto area harelines:
     Sumo H3 (Sunday)
     Tokyo H3 (Monday)
     Tokyo Ladies H3 (Wednesday) - men are welcome
     Samurai H3 (Saturday)

Monthly Kanto area harelines:
     Square H3 (Saturday/Sunday)
     Rising Moon H3 (Sundays near full moons)
     Hayama H3 (Sunday)

Less often Kanto area harelines:
     K2H4 (Occassional)
     Sake H3 (Occassional)
     Yoko Yoko H3 (Occassional)
     T3H4 (Tuesday & Thursday, Holidays only)

Hashing around Japan ... and around the world

Hash feet!

* Where Everybody Fuxoff** and Fukinov is an Art***

F3H3 - On! On!

** Originally, when F3H3 was flounded, this was in contrast to Tokyo's Monday and Wednesday hashes, where anyone not 'staying' for the party in the izakaya or restaurant is deemed 'antisocial' for 'fukinov'. At F3H3 we don't go to a restaurant or izakaya for a party (we usually drink and munch in a park or similar) so nobody 'stays' and everybody 'fuxoff'.

*** Not sure where this came from.